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BOOK : An Overview of Financial Inclusion in India

Editors :

Professor, School of Management Studies,
Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies,
Pallavaram,Chennai – 600091.

Assistant Professor,
Department of Business Admini stration, Vels
Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies,
Pallavara,, Chennai – 600091.

Assistant Professor,
Vignan’s University,


The main objective of this book is to explore the concepts of Financial Inclusion in India with its recent developments and advancements. The book will explore the edited chapters from the recent research developments in the field of financial inclusion. This book will provide in-depth information about the financial services provided for the development of rural population by financial inclusion. It provides a better understanding of how financial services are assessed by the rural poor through various delivery channels and the impact of Information and Communication Technology associated in facilitating the unreached segments in the society. The volume will show the readers the exact development of rural people through financial inclusion. It will provide a platform to thoroughly understand the concepts involved in financial inclusion and its impact on rural poor. This book is guaranteed to stimulate the reader’s interest and serve as a motivator for further exploration.

Recommended Topics

  • Financial Inclusion Schemes in India
  • Government Initiatives for Financial Inclusion
  • Financial Inclusion through Banking Services
  • Financial Inclusion through Insurance Companies
  • Financial Inclusion through Post Offices
  • Financial Inclusion through Micro finance Institutions
  • Effectiveness of Business Correspondent Model for Financial Inclusion
  • Role of Business Facilitators for Financial Inclusion
  • Impact of Self – Help Groups on Financial Inclusion
  • Role of Information and Communication Technology in Financial Inclusion
  • Financial Inclusion through Digital Payment System
  • Various Aspects of Financial Integral Strategy for Financial Inclusion
  • Impact of Financial Products and Services for Financial Inclusion


  • Each contribution must be original and unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • The Chapter should start with the brief introduction followed by the explanation of sub themes with suitable
  • Literature reviews, point wise presentation of consent, clear and logical analysis and precise conclusion.
  • The chapter must contain the title, author’s name, designation, name of the institution, email address and contact numbers.
  • The Chapters should be typed in Times New Roman Font with 12 size with 1.5 interline space on A4 size paper.
  • There is no word limits.
  • APA 6 th Format must be followed for references.
  • The Chapters submitted should be free from Plagiarism.
  • Tables, Charts or Graphs must be given in the main body of the paper itself.

Important Dates

Chapter Proposal (3- 6 pages):21st Feb 2019 
Full Chapter Submission: 15th March 2019 
Notification to Authors: 25th March 2019 
Submission of the revised versions: 10th April 2019 
Final Acceptance Notification: 20th April 2019 
Final Manuscript Submission: 17th May 2019



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